Our culture


Mission statement


LTH Castings has had a long tradition and experience in the development, casting, processing and assembly of highly complex aluminium alloys. Advanced thinking, procedural knowledge and highly efficient production, are the basis on which we develop innovative and top quality products. Our customers include the automotive industry from all over Europe, who has chosen LTH Castings as their preferred development partner and supplier.


This approach of continuous improvement is the guiding principle behind all our processes and operations, with the consequent objective of achieving business excellence throughout our group. Our manufacturing and service presence in Slovenia, Croatia and North Macedonia enables us to meet both qualitative and competitive requirements of our global customers.


Expertly trained and highly motivated employees are the cornerstone of our success. Our solutions are created by accountable and independent individuals and teams, all working on the basis of a clearly defined system of target agreements and rewards. This atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is mirrored in the relationships we maintain with our customers, suppliers, investors and business partners.


Special attention is placed on the high quality of our products and environmental impact of our activities. For this reason we have implemented a uniform system of quality and environment management, which is described in the Rules of procedures and the related documents. This allows a systematic and ongoing improvement of our operations to ensure that the goals set up in the Quality and environment management policy are achieved.:

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