Concept solutions


We support our customers by developement of optimal concept solutions for die-casting and further manufacturing process steps, such as mechanical machining, testing and assembly. Starting with the specifications in the form of quality definitions and physical properties we develop the manufacturing concept from an optimal die casting mould to a convenient assembly. Every stage of the manufacturing process from casting to machining is supported by numerical simulations, enabling the identification of problematic or critical areas and, in close colaboration between engineers from R&D, design and technology departments, finding the optimal cost-effective solutions.

Product development & optimization


  • Fullfiling of functional requirements
  • Developement from crude 3D models to functional, load and cost optimized production parts.
  • Optimized parts for manufacturing process (Die-Casting, Machining, FSW, ...)
  • CAD softwares (Creo, Catia, Siemens NX)

Process development and optimization


  • Die concept development
  • Venting and thermal management optimization
  • Casting parameters optimization
  • Geometry distortion analysis
  • Problem solving methods (Six Sigma, DOE, ...)
  • Machining simulation and optimization
  • Friction stir welding simulation and optimization
  • Quality risk analysis
  • Process optimizations are based on real time data from digitalized serial processes.

Simultaneous engineering


  • All developement activities, from part to process, are carried out simultaneously.
  • Close cooperation between engineers from R&D, design and technology.
  • With strong CAE support from our R&D department (Abaqus, Tosca, FeSafe, MagmaSoft, AVL Fire)
  • Reduced development time and better, quality and cost optimized parts.

Functional tests


  • Leakage tests
  • CT scanning
  • X-ray analysis
  • Mechanical properties
  • Part dynamic response testing
  • 3D scanning



  • Milled parts
  • Hybrid parts (Milling + FSW)
  • 3D print (ALuminium parts)
  • Sand casting parts
  • Prototyping DC-Tools
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