Active environment protection parties applied throughout our operations. We pay attention to the environmental balance of our products through their entire life cylces. In addition, the impact of our processes is permanently monitored and underlies our continuous improvement programme. Our environment protection system is tailored to environmental standard ISO 14001 in order to prevent pollution at source, address social issues and - last but not least – lower costs.




Energy management system (EnMS) ISO 50001 helps us to demonstrate continual energy performance improvement.  EnMS is integrated into existing management systems and into all processes with significant influences to the energy performance. We determined the necessary competence of persons doing work under its control that affects its energy performance and EnMS and ensured that these persons are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills or experience. We implemented online monitoring of energy use to identify nonconformity use and react to take actions to control and correct it. Online monitoring is also great tool to analyze and optimize the energy use.  We also plan actions to address risks and its opportunities to achieve continual improvement of the EnMS and energy performance. 


Energy performance is determined by the effectiveness of the action plans in achieving objectives and energy targets, by the energy performance indicators and by operation of significant energy uses.

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