Friction Stir Welding




Friction stir welding (FSW) also known as cold welding technique, where is by usage combination of friction-generated heat and pressure to intermix the molecules of the two aluminum products. There is no melting of material only semi solid state of material is achieved. FSW is a new process invented in 1990 by TWI. No other permanent joining process is able to join two aluminium castings in a tight joint without porosity with higher mechanical characteristics than base material.




All following materials can be joined regardless to their production method (rolling, die casting, extrusion)


  • Al+Al
  • Cu+Al
  • Mg+Mg




Our dedicated teams can provide to our customers:


  • Design of the part for FSW process
  • Development and manufacturing of special tools and clamping devices for FSW
  • Optimization of FSW process for serial production


Basically we can offer development of the part from prototype phase to serial production.




Quality of all our products is achieved with implementation of standard EN ISO 25239:2007 in our welding production


PRODUCTION Capacities available to our customers:


  • 5-axis CNC based FSW machine (Matec)
  • 4-axis based FSW machine (Heller)
  • Schematic representation of cross-section of FSW joint
  • Weld formation procedure
  • Joining different materials with FSW process
  • Mechanical examination of welds (tensile test)
  • Metallographic examination of weld cross-section (sand casted part-die casted part)
  • Three dimensional FSW of different parts
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