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LTH Learnica in Macedonia was founded in 1961 and joined the LTH Castings Group as the last member in 2005. Starting in the 60s as a supplier for the ex Yugoslav car industry, covering various part and material categories the company evolved to a structured and cost-efficient die-casting producer, based on the technical knowledge with favourable labour cost.

The recently introduced in-house tool and mould production supports the LTH Castings Group tool demand and enables on the other hand the site to focus on manufacturing aluminium anti-vibration components, spools as well as some non-automotive electronic housing components. The site focuses on raw part production, labour intensive products and products with intensive and sensitive mould maintenance demand.

Core competences

  • Die-casting of aluminium parts
  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Processing of aluminium alloys
    - EN AC 46000 (AlSi9Cu3, Al226)
    - EN AC 44300 (AlSi12, Al230)
    - EN AC 47100 (AlSi12Cu, Al231)
  • Additional Services:
    - Heat treatment of aluminium parts

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Strategic focus

  • Quality first approach
  • Volume production with fully exploiting the labour cost advantages
  • Focusing rough part with grinding, tapping and drilling possibilities
  • Increasing share of parts demanding intensive tool maintenance
  • Further development of tool shop
  • SE Europe proximity advantages (Romania, Turkey etc.)
  • Specialisation to selected product groups

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Key products


  • Die-cast tools
  • Deburring tools
  • Sleeves

Series production:

  • Anti vibration components
  • Safety systems castings (spools)

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LTH Learnica - Macedonia