Machining & Assembly


Your Advantage


The integration of casting, machining and assembly is the key to achieve improvements in quality, lead times and overall costs.


Our arguments


Our capacities include state-of-the-art machining technology, mostly universal turning machines and highly automatized machining centres. They deliver maximum machining productivity combined with maximum flexibility and thus offering excellent cost-efficiency to the customer.


The assembly of bought-in components, including complex assembly groups, is rounding up our service.


Our machine park includes CNC machining centres and special machining centres – over 100 machines in total.

  • Heller machinning cell
    Heller machinning cell
  • Heller machinning cell
  • Leakage inspection
  • Machinning cell
  • Machinning production hall
  • Manipulation and deburring with robot
  • Washing equipment