Process development


The process development is most efficient in case of regular and close communication between the customer and our team. Starting with the specifications in the form of quality definitions and physical properties the manufacturing concept includes a numerical casting simulation, during which problematic or critical areas are identified and alternatives and possible cost-effective solutions proposed. Areas which need to be machined are determined and a convenient machining concept is selected and proposed. The die-casting mould concept has a very strong influence on the part quality. Parameters such as number of cavities, locking force, runner and gating system, venting concept, casting and mould temperature, machine parameters and the flow characteristics of the specific alloy have to be determined.


With the help of simulation tools, we are able to verify the assumptions of the die mould concept and identify further optimization potentials. Our experienced tool designers implement these inputs. During the sampling process the process parameters are fixed to ensure an efficient volume production, verified by ‘run at rates’.


Part requirements


• Knowledge about the function
• Definition of physical properties
• Definition of quality


Manufacturing concept


• Feasibility /castability check (simulation)
• Determination of cast / machined areas


Die concept/Injection mold concept


• Die-casting mold calculations
• Number of cavities
• Gating system
• Size of die casting machine
• Venting concept
• Cooling System




  • Part optimization
  • Sand casting
  • Machining of prototypes
  • Assembly of prototypes




• Die filling
• Solidification 
• Analyzing of part structure and properties
• Analyzing of residual stresses and distortions 
• Verification of assumptions
• Identification of further optimization potentials


Detailed design


Detailed casting optimization of the models taking into consideration the functional requirements of the parts as well as the technological requirements of the processes.


Sampling process


• Determination of the final process parameters


Volume production


Middle and high volume production on a high quality level, out of highly automatized and optimized processes.

  • Alloy flow analyses step 1
    Alloy flow analyses step 1
  • Alloy flow analyses step 1
  • Alloy flow analyses step 2
  • Alloy flow analyses step 3
  • Machinning simulation 1
  • Machinning simulation 2
  • Machinning simulation 3
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