Ten good reasons to work with us


1. One stop shop: 

From initial development to serial production.


2. Technology:

Specialist for complex, high-quality high-pressure die-cast aluminium components and systems.


3. Range of products:

Supplier of both high-tech and less complex parts manufactured by a network that is spread across Central and South Europe (Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia).


4. Quality:

Highest-quality, innovative solutions and dedicated customer services under continuous improvement.


5. Network:

Four production facilities under one management, enabling smooth technology transfer and customer-oriented project allocation across the LTH Castings Group.


6. Team:

Qualified, accountable and service-oriented individuals and teams highly motivated by a clearly defined system of target agreements and rewards.


7. Relationships:

Long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers and business partners based on an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.


8. Development:

Constant group-wide investment in state-of-the-art technology, technical equipment and training.


9. Ethics:

Practices and procedures governed by our commitment to the environment and a sustainable future.


10. Competitiveness:

Fulfilling both quality and competitive requirements of our customers by applying state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts.