Corporate History


LTH Castings has evolved from the company MOTOR, which was established in 1948 near Ljubljana. In 1950 the company moved to current location in Škofja Loka. In 1957 the company was joined by Strojno kovinsko podjetje Škofja Loka and shortly after changed its name to LTH – Škofja Loka. On 1st of July 1989 a spin off company Lth-ol was formed representing die-casting and toolshop part of the LTH.


The newly established company Lth-ol saw its perspective in a close co-operation with related foreign partners. In autumn 1992 the Company became a limited liability company, state-owned, and acceded to the Development Fund of the Republic of Slovenia. In January 1993 the company was sold and additional capital was raised with a foreign partner UNITECH from Austria. The company changed its name to UNITECH Lth-ol.


In 1999, the ownership of the UNITECH Group was taken over by the London company, Trident Components Group Ltd (TCG). As a result the company changed its name to TCG Unitech LTH-OL d.o.o.


At the end of 1999, the Company purchased production premises together with the functional land, measuring about 35,000 m², in the former Litostroj's premises (location Ljubljana). A Year later, the capital takeover of Saturnus orodjarna in strojegradnja d.d., a toolshop company from Ljubljana, was carried out in order to ensure additional tooling capacities for the increasing casting production.


In the years 1999/2000, the Company took over the capital of Metalni lijev TCG d.o.o. Benkovac, a die-casting company, by purchasing the 100% share in the company. The registered office of Metalni lijev TCG d.o.o. is at Benkovačkih bojevnika bb, Benkovac, Croatia.


At the beginning of 2005, the Company founded a die-casting company in Macedonia (TCG Learnica).


In the middle of 2005 as well, there was a change in the ownership of the entire TCG Group. The owner of the entire corporation became Vision Capital partners V, fund managed by Vision Capital, UK.


In June 2009 a management buyout took place by LIOR INVEST acquiring 100% ownership of the company TCG UNITECH Lth-ol. The Company changed name in October the same year to LTH Castings d.o.o..


End of 2014 new greenfield plant Tolshop was opened